Picked and harvested in the spring of 2009 in Yunnan from 40 year old tea trees, this Menghai First-grade loose leaf ripe Pu-erh is an excellent choice for Pu-erh lovers. It has an extraordinarily thick but surprisingly mellow and smooth flavor that lingers with every sip. A medium-fermentation Pu-erh, it has been carefully handled and properly stored by the deft hands of tea artisans from Yunnan, China. Their knowledge and skill at producing quality Pu-erh has been passed down from generation to generation and is an integral part of the economy in Yunnan. 

As with all aged Pu-erh, always wash the leaves once with hot water for a period of 10 seconds to prime the leaves. Typically the water from the initial infusions is used to wash and warm the cups. For the third brewing, steep the tea leaves for about one minute and gradually increase steeping time for the succeeding infusions to your desired strength. High quality Pu-erh can be steeped up to 30 times. Remember to remove the leaves after the desired strength has been reached to avoid overbrewing.