Our 2012 Lincang First Grade Ripe Pu Erh Tea hails from Mengku town, located just south of the city of Lincang. With an average altitude of 1450 meters above sea level, the area spans altitudes reaching from 450 to 3500 meters. Pu-erh produciton has been a long tradition of the Lincang area and the province is home to a 3200 year old tea tree that is considered the world's oldest tea tree.

For this particular grade of Pu-erh, only the uppermost leaves and tender golden buds of the large leafed tea tree variety, native to the Lincang area, are selected. They are handpicked and then "ripened" to a medium degree of fermentation through the “pile fermentation” method by periodically mixing or "repiling" the tea at controlled storage conditions. The tea is then stored at optimal conditions for further ripening or ageing.

The transparent dark red tea liquor of our 2012 First Grade Lincang Ripe Pu Erh Tea has a thick, very soft and smooth taste, characterized by the sweetness of dried fruit such as figs, dates and plums and accompanied by a pleasant and light leather aroma that is typical for quality ripened Pu Erh teas.

As with other ripe Pu-Erh: the older a ripe Pu Erh tea, the better it gets. When stored this tea will increase in complexity and begin to mellow out of the years.