The Menghai Tea Factory, located in Mengahi, Yunnan, China, is world renowned for producing fine Pu-erh tea. Founded in 1940, this factory was one of the first two to produce shou (cooked) Pu-Erh, such as this Menghai 2012 First Grade. 

Our Menghai 2012 First Grade is a great tea to compare against our 2009 Menghai Pu-Erh, so that one can notice the differences that aging of Pu-Erh introduces. The 2009 vintage gives more  complexity, underlying leather taste and a longer finish, but the 2012 is still extremely smooth with slightly sweeter hints.

We recommend the below brewing process for Pu-Erh:

1. Pour boiling water over teaware to cleanse it and warm it up.

3. Use 5 grams (around 2 teaspoons) of tea leaves per 100-120 ml of water.

4. Pour boiling water over the leaves. The first brew should be around 30 seconds.

5. The first brew should be discarded as it is merely designed to wash the tea.

6. The second steep can be made after a few seconds to around 20 seconds, depending on one's taste. (The shorter the brewing time, the more steeps the tea can endure). This tea can be brewed up to 20 times.