High Mountain Dragonwell

Dragon Well (or Long Jing) is one of China's most famous green teas and it's not uncommon for inferior teas to be passed off as a Dragon Well. This is an exceptional, authentic, and extremely rare Long Jing picked from tea fields abandoned over 30 years ago. The trees are on average 100 years old, and the isolated field is 1,300 metres up the mountain.

During the harvest, the pickers need to get up at around 3 AM in the morning and walk around 2.5 hours down the mountain road to this abandoned tea field. The tea bushes are wild-growing, with an average height of over 1.5 meters.

Picked only once per year and never cut down, this wild-growing Long Jing is gently pan fried by hand and boasts a deep chestnut flavour Its quality is shown in its larger buds compared to other Long Jings. Our Long Jing has a strong chestnut aroma mixed with a light orchid fragrance. It has a thick but delicate tea taste with a rich mouth feeling after sipping the tea liquor. One of our favourite greens!