Keemun is deservedly one of China's 10 Most Famous Teas and is one of our favourite black teas here at Tèaura. It's one of the reasons that unblended, whole leaf teas are so much more interesting than the mediocre and consistent blends commonly available.

Our Keemun Maofeng is a special variety of Keemun black tea that is carefully processed so that the shape of the tea leaves resemble that of a Maofeng green tea. This ensures the tea is made up of full leaves, instead of broken leaves which is the usual for the majority of other Keemun teas.

The best Keemun originates from Da Wu village, a small village within Qi Men County. The village itself has a population of around a hundred people and produces some of the finest Keemun in the world due to its high elevation and its pollution-free environment. The local people named this village "Qi Men Cha Di Yi Cun", which translates to "Number One Keemun Tea Village". We carry the "Te Ji", or special grade of Keemun Maofeng from this village.