Milk Oolong

A very popular oolong, our Milk, Oolong from Zhu Shan, Nantou County, Taiwan possesses a creamy aroma with hints of coconut, hard toffee along with the classic floral undertone present in so many high-end Taiwanese oolongs.  High quality leaves from the Jin Xuan cultivar of the tea bush, which are naturally creamy in texture, are grown in altitudes around 900m above sea level amongst mist which protects the leaves from the strong sunlight. When picked, natural milk essence is added to further enhance the flavour of the brew.

In the early infusions, dessert-like notes are present, making a beautiful, balanced cup.  In later steepings aromas of orchid flowers begin to appear.  A wonderfully complex tea, sure to please most tea drinkers and even to convert those that aren't tea drinkers!