Why Become a Partner 

Quality Tea & Teaware

Our teas and herbals are meticulously selected from estates in China, Taiwan, India, Egypt, Japan and South Africa for their high quality and taste in order to ensure that each compliments our range. We are proud that our teas stand out without blending or added flavours. We provide and can source teaware for you where required.

A Focus on Sustainability

Our teabags and packaging are biodegradable and where possible our teas are organic and sourced direct from smallholder farmers. We work directly with families who have been producing quality tea for generations.

Next Day Delivery

We understand how running a business comes with many stresses. We aim to give you one less thing to worry about by being quick and reliable with our deliveries so you won't be left out of stock.

Ongoing Support

We treat our Partnerships with utmost care and go above and beyond to get you the best service possible for your tea offerings, including training, menu and pairing guidance, brewing information and the background and story to each of our teas. We want to share our love of tea with you!